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A:1. Open window firstly, burn incense, then put incense to Incense burner.
2. You can use it in home, bedroom, office or hotel, walk around the room, chant, imagine white light appeared throughout the house, then put it on desk,
3. In order to keep sustained energy, we suggest you use Jishun incense two or three times per day, take 14 days as a cycle, it will bring sustainable good luck to you.
ps: Generally, you do not need to walk around the house, just put it on God's desk.
A:There are a lot of bad incense in the market, which is made by chemicals, if you use it often, it will cause cancer. While Jishun incense select material strictly, it's made by countless precious and rare fragrant medicinal plants, so it's harmless to human body.

PS: Jishun incense has passed International SGS test

A:Our major product include Jishun Stick incense, Coil incense, Horizontal incense, Tibetan incense, Sandalwood, Aloeswood and Incense Powder.
A:It's made by Pure and natural material, 108 kinds of precious and rare fragrant medicinal plants. So it's harmless to human body.
A:Jishun 4 hours Coil incense can last four to six hours.
Horizontal incense can last two hours.
Stick incense can last three hours.
A:Please place it in a cool dry place.



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