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Incense Instruction
Product Name:
Lao-Shan root Sandalwood Powder
Original Price:
$67 (USD)
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$50 (USD)
Lao-Shan root Sandalwood Powde
Incense Powder
Incense Instruction:

The significance of the offering of burning incense is to cleanse off defilements of all the sentient beings. In Tibetan Buddhism, in every auspicious activity, burning incense offering is the auspicious beginning. By offering the perfume of the burning incense, all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the Protectors are invoked to provide us blessings and remove all the obscurations to attain nirvana and Buddhahood. It also removes all the human and demonic harms and brings us health, longevity, enhancement of luck and accumulates merit and wisdom. If we burn incense as offering to the sentient beings of the six realms, it will remove all their obscurations and help them to attain liberation from the sufferings of the Samsara and the ecstasy of the ultimate Nirvana.


This contains the liberating nectars from all the four traditions of the Tibetan Buddhism and all the Supreme Heads of the Traditions. Its contents are according to the Buddhist Teachings such as-cypress leaf, white sandalwood, agalwood, wile lettuce, purple perilla, myrobalan, saffron, Tibetan cardamon, lilac, Tibetan fragrant wood, benzoin, rice, barley, maize, wheat, white sesame, black sesame, three white elements, three sweet elements, coral, pearl, agate, lapis lazuli, turquoise, gold, silver, dzi bead, etc. and tens of precious stones and medicinal and fragrant plants and have been manufactured with meticulous blend.

Lao-Shan root Sandalwood Powder

If you like Sandalwood, you will like this powder. Seven people in ten will order it again.
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