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Incense Instruction
Product Name:
Environmental Lao-Shan Sandalwood (53cm stick incense)
Original Price:
$20 (USD)
Discount Price:
$15 (USD)
Half a catty
Environmental Lao-Shan Sandalwood (53cm stick incense)
Stick incense
Incense Instruction:
Environmental Lao-Shan Sandalwood is made of Lao-Shan root Sandalwood powder, and it's made in India. Complete specifications are available. Through burning, Environmental Lao-Shan Sandalwood can distribute the plant aromatic essence in the air, thus to create a fresh, pleasant and romantic atmosphere for you. Beside functions of pest elimination, sterilization and refreshment, Environmental Lao-Shan Sandalwood can also cure heart diseases, and can help you to keep fit.


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